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My own “Tutti Amici” olive oil diary of remedies…

I have decided that I want to test as many uses for “Tutti Amici” cold pressed extra virgin olive oil as I can on myself this year!  We all know that it tastes great and is healthy for us, but what about the other things?  Issues such as dry skin, bumps on your skin, hemorrhoids, you get the picture!

Last night I applied my favorite body lotion mixed with a shot of Tutti Amici EVOO to my hands and feet before going to bed.  This morning, wow my hands and feet are smooth and silky!!  I will now be doing this everyday in the fall and winter months!

Chapped lips…same thing!  Apply a small amount of Tutti Amici EVOO to your lips before going to bed and the results were amazing for me!!!

My next challenge, don’t mean to be disgusting, but hemorrhoids!!!  Olive oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, right?  I am going to try it this evening!!

Go ahead, try Tutti Amici EVOO for all of the ailments that need a lubricant, anti-inflammatory or something anti-bacterial!  I am not a physician and do not claim that Tutti Amici will help with any of these things, but it is worth a try for me!

Good Luck and Happy New Year!  Mmmm, it smells soooo good…just like the “old country”!

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