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“All Friends”/”Tutti Amici”…Olive Oil Tastings are on the rise!!!

We are bringing “all friends” together with this magnificent product!!!  Who would have known that olive oil would bring people together???? 

Olive tastings are popping up all over town!  “Tutti Amici” means “all friends” and all friends are gathering at each others homes for olive oil parties, in shops for olive oil tastings, on blogs for olive oil information…

If you would like to have an olive oil tasting at your home with “Tutti Amici”, just order a bottle or two today, try out the recipes on our blog and invite your friends over!!!  Sign up with me via email at lisa@tiezziimports.com and we will work out a plan for you to receive free product or cash whenever one of your friends puts your name as the person who told them about “Tutti Amici”!!!  How easy is that???  Make money by having a party with “all friends”!!! 

Order today at www.tiezziimports.com and start making a profit just by passing the word!!!

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