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All natural soaps keep your skin healthy and vibrant

We recently found a way to savor every drop of our “liquid gold” olive oil!!!  So thrilled to have a new soap maker on staff to develop beautiful, all natural and organic soaps for us using only the finest ingredients for your skin!  Bars, liquids, sugar scrubs and body butters are filling our shelves!  Great scents like lime bergamot, grapefruit, coffee, chocolate almond, rosemary herb and more.  The different soaps with their different ingredients help with all sorts of skin types!  Lycopene in the tomato basil soap helps to tighten and tone the skin, while coffee helps to exfoliate the skin and stimulate circulation!  Seaweed soap is said to detoxify and protect skin while oxygenating and improving blood circulation. 

We use only the finest olive oil, award winning Tutti Amici Extra Virgin Olive oil goes into all of our soaps, scrubs and butters and it is absolutely delicious to dip your bread in…

Give your skin the royal treatment!  Feed yourself with the gift from nature…olive oil is said to be extremely heart healthy!

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